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Sheridan County School District #2 > Parents > Elementary Orchestra

Welcome to the Orchestra webpage for Sheridan County School District #2!

The Elementary Orchestra program provides students an opportunity to learn to play a string instrument!

Students in first through third grade can participate in group violin classes. I use an approach that emphasizes good listening skills and proper playing techniques before learning to read music.

Students in fourth and fifth grade will begin note reading and learning orchestra skills. They are exposed to classical music and folk music, and will develop the skills needed to play individually as well as in a group. In these grades, students can choose between the violin, viola, and cello.

On this webpage you will find information on what we are learning in orchestra, important dates and information about upcoming events, and copies of forms and letters that were sent home. You will also find video links to the pieces we practice in class so your student can listen and practice at home!

Melissa Smith teaches orchestra at:

Meadowlark (Mondays)
Henry A. Coffeen (Tuesdays)
Woodland Park (Wednesdays)
Highland Park (Thursdays)
Sagebrush (Fridays)

Keri Parr teaches orchestra at:

Story (Wednesdays)

Melissa Smith:

Kerri Parr:

For information about our After School Orchestra program, click here.
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