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If a job vacancy exists for which you are qualified, please apply for that specific position. Applications will only be accepted through our website. Resumes, letters of reference, and applications brought into our office or emailed to staff will not be considered. The closing date displayed in a job posting is a guideline for candidates and hiring committees. All job postings shall be open for a minimum of five days before they are filled. Once five days have elapsed, committees may begin selecting, interviewing, and hiring qualified candidates. An application is not a guarantee for an interview. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply early, as job postings may close sooner than the listed close date.

A valid email address is required to create an applicant account. Free email accounts are available via websites such as Google and Yahoo. You must create a username and password for your applicant account. Please retain this information, as SCSD2 representatives are not able to furnish this information. 

Applications are split into several sections, so it is not necessary to complete them all at once. After completing a section, you will be able to save your progress, exit the program, and come back at any time to complete the job application.

** IMPORTANT ** Once you submit an application for a specific position, you cannot make any changes to that application. When submitting letters of recommendation, they must each be uploaded as one multi-page PDF document. Changes may be made to your application/profile going forward but will not be reflected on any applications you’ve previously submitted. If you wish to make updates to an existing application, please contact our office to have your application removed so you can submit a new one.

For information relating to your application/documents or for help accessing your account, please review this FAQ’s section. If the FAQ section does not address your question, you can call TalentEd Customer Support at 1-866-434-6276. 

Occasionally, vacancies will be posted as “Internal Only”. Only current employees are able to apply for these vacancies.