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Mission, Goals & Policies

District Mission

Sheridan County School District No. 2 faculty, staff, and administration are dedicated to preparing every student with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for success.

District Goals

Board Goal – Teaching & Learning

Sheridan County School District No. 2’s highest priority is ensuring high levels of learning for all students. Student learning is the primary focus of the Board of Trustees and of every school, department, and staff member in the school district. The district knows, and extensive research supports, that ensuring quality teachers in every classroom is the best way to ensure that all students learn at high levels.

The Board of Trustees is committed to helping all students learn and grow academically through a strong social/emotional foundation. This goal is at the center of the board’s philosophy, policy, and action and is the primary driver of everything in which the school district engages. The Board prioritizes expenditures to maximize student learning; hires high quality staff to optimize student learning; and receives reports from the district and site administration on student learning and progress.


  • The district will maintain its ordinal position as first among 4A school districts in the state, as measured by student performance on WY-TOPP.
  • District high schools will make progress toward an ACT composite average score of 22.
  • The district will make progress towards reaching its on-time graduation rate goal of 90%.

Action Steps

  • All district schools will implement the Professional Learning Communities framework and philosophy with fidelity. This includes systematic responses to the four critical questions of a PLC in all content areas, at all grade levels, in all schools.
  • The district, all schools, and all content areas will set SMART Goals focused on student learning and will monitor progress toward those goals on a regular basis.
  • The district and schools will provide quality, ongoing professional development to teachers focused on the PLC framework, high quality instruction, and other clearly identified areas of need and growth.
  • District leadership will monitor the quality of teaching based on the adopted evaluation model and effective measures of student learning.
  • District administrators will report to the Board on programs and interventions that improve student achievement in the core academic subjects.

Board Goal – Resource Utilization

Sheridan County School District No. 2 considers human capital its most valued resource. To continually reach high levels of student learning, SCSD2 must work to recruit, train, and retain high quality teachers, leaders, and staff. Part of this focus is providing a competitive salary and benefit package that not only attracts quality staff, but rewards those who have continually worked hard to successfully educate the students of SCSD2.  

The Board of Trustees also believes that as a public entity, the district is responsible to the taxpayers of Sheridan County and the state of Wyoming to be fiscally prudent and accountable with our education funding. The district has worked hard to be accountable to the public in regard to expenditures of taxpayer dollars that yield results in high levels of student learning. SCSD2 will continuously monitor all financial aspects of the district to ensure that funding decisions are prudent and that they positively impact outcomes for students.


  • The district will maintain a 15% cash reserve level as reported in the annual Audit Report.
  • The district will provide a competitive certified salary and benefits package that ranks in the top ten (10) for thirty-year earning power, as published annually by the Wyoming Education Association.

Action Steps

  • The district will continue to partner with the University of Wyoming and other universities in supporting pre-service teachers at the elementary and secondary levels.
  • The district will engage in ongoing, proactive recruitment of quality candidates for teaching and administrative positions.
  • The Board will monitor legislation that may affect the finances or operations of the district. 
  • The Board will advocate with the state legislature to ensure healthy funding levels for school districts.
  • The district will evaluate and implement a new classified wage structure that is competitive in Sheridan County.

Board Goal – Communication

Sheridan County School District No. 2 works to engage in ongoing and timely communication with  stakeholders. The Board of Trustees believes that, as a public entity responsible for the learning of youth, the district must actively communicate with students, parents/guardians, district personnel, and the public.  


  • Based on annual stakeholder surveys, 85% of respondents will provide neutral or positive feedback about communication from the school district.

Action Steps

  • The district will communicate student performance data, accomplishments, and initiatives with stakeholders and the public on a regular basis.
  • The district will maintain a website with public access to information on schools, administration, and the Board of Trustees. The website will offer an avenue for individuals to contact the district with questions or comments.
  • The district will collaborate with the Sheridan County Education Association (SCEA) for the administration of an annual teacher survey.
  • The district will collaborate with the SCEA and members of the Superintendent’s Cabinet on salary/benefit discussions. 
  • The Board of Trustees will attend PTO meetings at every school annually to collect feedback directly from parent attendees. A summary of the input from these meetings will be shared with Trustees and the public at a Board meeting.
  • Following each board meeting, the district will share a summary of policies approved on first and second readings, along with information about upcoming policies, the policy review process, and avenues for individuals to provide feedback. Trustees will be notified in advance of policies for upcoming review.
  • The district will provide regular updates to Trustees on school academics, events, celebrations, etc.
  • The district will prepare and share a monthly staff newsletter during the academic year.

Board Goal – Leadership Capacity

Sheridan County School District No. 2 works to foster and promote learning-focused governance and leadership. It is the aim of the Board of Trustees to provide a world-class education to district students. The Board  believes that, as a public entity, the district is responsible to the Sheridan community to model and provide governance and leadership that is consistent and coherent. Each Trustee takes his/her elected responsibility seriously and commits to board development, collaboration, and professional growth opportunities that improve governance and student learning.

The Board engages in ongoing development and refinement of policy and collaborates with district administration to ensure appropriate implementation of policies, along with priorities that are aligned with policies. A strong feedback loop ensures that policies are implemented with fidelity and results. 


  • Two-thirds of Board members will earn 50 professional development points through the following opportunities:
    • SCSD2 Board work session – 10 points
    • SCSD2 Board retreat – 20 points
    • WSBA point system

Action Steps

  • The Board will continue its collaborative progress of policy review and approval, emphasizing public and staff awareness and input. 
  • The Board will continue its participation in Wyoming and National School Board Association matters to maintain its focus on governance and leadership.
  • The Board will continue its advocacy with the state legislature on matters of vital interest to the District.
  • The district will provide quarterly Board work sessions based on topics selected by Trustees.

District Policies