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SCSD#2 Calendar

Welcome to the SCSD#2 calendar! From here, you can view events information for all schools and associated activities throughout the District. We have compiled a brief set of instructions for navigating the calendars, in addition to using other convenient features.

The District-wide Academic Calendar is available as one of the calendar options below for viewing in conjunction with school- or activity-specific calendars, and is also available in PDF form:


Select calendars to view:

District-wide Academic Calendar
Board Meetings
Henry A. Coffeen Elementary
Highland Park Elementary
Meadowlark Elementary
Sagebrush Elementary
Story Elementary
Woodland Park Elementary
SJHS Academics
SJHS Performing Arts
SJHS Basketball - 8th Grade Boys
SJHS Basketball - 8th Grade Girls
SJHS Basketball - 7th Grade Boys
SJHS Basketball - 7th Grade Girls
SJHS Basketball - C Team Boys
SJHS Basketball - C Team Girls
SJHS Cross Country
SJHS Football - 7th Grade
SJHS Football - 8th Grade
SJHS Swimming
SJHS Track
SJHS Volleyball - 8th Grade
SJHS Volleyball - 7th Grade
SJHS Volleyball - C Team
SJHS Wrestling
FMHS/WPMS Academics
FMHS/WPMS Performing Arts
SHS Academics
SHS Performing Arts
SHS Basketball - Boys Frosh
SHS Basketball - Boys Soph
SHS Basketball - Boys Var/JV/Soph
SHS Basketball - Girls Frosh
SHS Basketball - Girls Var/JV
SHS Cross Country
SHS Football - Frosh
SHS Football - JV/Soph
SHS Football - Varsity
SHS Golf - Fall
SHS Golf - Spring
SHS Indoor Track
SHS Soccer - Boys
SHS Soccer - Girls
SHS Swimming - Boys
SHS Swimming - Girls
SHS Tennis - Fall
SHS Tennis - Spring
SHS Track and Field
SHS Volleyball - Frosh
SHS Volleyball - Soph
SHS Volleyball - Varsity/JV
SHS Wrestling
SHS Money Calendar Winners
District-wide Performing Arts Calendar