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Meal Plans and Prices

District Importance of School Meals

Why Eat School Meals?

  • Helps make family food budgets go further
  • Healthy meals – from breakfast to lunch
  • Proven to help children achieve in school

When children are hungry, they cannot concentrate on a reading assignment or solve a math problem. A good breakfast keeps kids healthy and helps students focus in class, score higher on standardized tests and avoid trips to the school nurse.

Importance of Breakfast

Breakfast has long been identified as the most important meal of the day, because it helps fuel both the body and mind. Eating a healthy breakfast helps jumpstart metabolism and provide energy. The school breakfast program has been shown to increase children’s scores on the Health Eating Index, improve the quality of children’s diet and intake of essential nutrients and reduce childhood obesity. Children who get a balanced breakfast:

  • Have better concentration
  • Are more alert and ready to learn
  • Remember more of what they learn
  • Participate in class
  • Have higher standardized test scores
  • Make healthier food choices throughout the day
  • Have healthier body weights

District Meal Plans

Sheridan County School District #2 utilizes a meal plan that meets with federal requirements beginning in 2012-2013. Key points of this meal plan are:

  • Students are required to take 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetables on their tray
  • The amount of food and calories offered at each meal is based on three different age groups; grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12
  • Portion sizes and recipes are designed to meet the specific age groups
  • All grains offered are whole grain rich
  • Salad bars are offered daily to increase available varieties of fruits and vegetables
  • Sodium content is reduced in recipes to meet the sodium limits

District Meal Prices

Meals at SCSD#2 schools are priced as a unit, and include 1 milk.

  • Breakfast (K-5): $1.00
  • Breakfast (6-8): $1.25
  • Breakfast (9-12): $1.50
  • Lunch (K-5): $2.50
  • Lunch (6-8): $2.75
  • Lunch (9-12): $3.00
  • Adult lunch: $4.50

Extra milk: $0.40


The health and physical well-being of students directly affects their ability to learn. To enhance the district’s efforts to improve the health of our students, a Wellness Committee meets yearly. To learn more about this committee and the district’s Wellness Policy, please click here. To get involved with the Wellness Committee, contact Candace Garner, using the contact information below.

Leslie Haberkern
Food Services Director
307-674-7405 ext. 5003