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At Sheridan County School District #2, we believe in helping each and every student achieve their future life’s pursuit. In support of that mission, we work to provide students with opportunities to develop their skills beyond academics. We are pleased to offer a robust range of extracurricular activities designed to help our students become well-rounded individuals and community members.

The benefits of participation in extracurricular activities are many, including prioritizing and managing time, balancing commitments, making a contribution, developing self esteem, and building solid relationship and cooperation skills.


Sheridan County School District #2 is proud to feature a robust athletics program at the junior high and high school levels. While academics come first, we place great value on extracurricular activities, such as athletics, and believe they enhance a child’s academic education. Participation in athletics promotes essential life skills, including teamwork, work ethic, self discipline, and time management. At SCSD2, we take pride in providing an environment that is conducive to hard work, satisfaction, academic achievement, physical health, and good sportsmanship.