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Sheridan County School District #2 > District Administration > District Facilities Department

The SCSD#2 Facilities Department is responsible for maintenance, construction and overall management of all buildings and grounds belonging to the District.

SCSD#2 is committed to making school facilities available to the public for outside use. The Facilities Department administers permissions for use of the schools during non-school hours, including weekends and evenings. Spaces available include gyms, auditoriums, classrooms, multi-purpose rooms and playing fields. If you are interested in using our facilities, please complete the Facilities Use Request.

Facilities Staff

Bocek, Wayne
Heuck, Mathers
Facilities Director
Mills, Rory
Moore, Jarrett
Maintenance/Custodial Support Technician
Mutter, Chris
Master Electrician
Reed, Tim
Head Custodian
Resser, Matthew
HVAC/Maintenance Tech
Rockafellow, Dan
Grounds Coordinator/Distributor/General Repair Maintenance
Toy, Tiffani
Facilities Operations Technician
Walton, Nicholas
Replacement Custodian/Maintenance

Project Bid Information

The SCSD#2 Facilities Department manages all bids through the Wyoming School Facilities Department bid listings. To view bid opportunities, please see the Project Bid Information page and follow the link located therein.