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Sheridan County School District #2 > District > Facilities Department > Terms and Conditions of Use for SCSD#2 Facilities

Terms and Conditions of Use for SCSD#2 Facilities:

  • Consideration. As consideration for use of the facility the User shall pay SCSD#2 a rate dependent upon the facility desired and where the User is classified using the Facilities User Flowchart.
  • District Rules. User assumes the responsibility for the supervision of participants and care of facilities. User will abide by all applicable policies of Sheridan County School District #2, including Policy KF Community Use of School Facilities. A copy of this policy is available upon request.

Participants are restricted to the portion of the facility identified in this request.

Organizations may use the facilities only on the days, dates, and times listed on this request.

At the discretion of the District the User may be issued a key. User is personally accountable for the keys issued and may not give the keys to any other individual. Keys may not be duplicated and are the responsibility of the User. For lost keys the User will be charged the amount necessary to retain proper security to our facilities which may range from a single key or FOB to changing many locksets.

SCSD#2 rules concerning alcohol, tobacco/nicotine, and controlled substances shall be enforced by the sponsor.

User must provide supervision of all participants to ensure that vandalism, inappropriate behavior, and unsafe activities do not occur.

User shall be accountable for the general cleanliness of the facility after its use. District custodial staff will be assigned to this event and a rate charged per District guidelines.

User will be financially responsible for property damage, vandalism, etc. that the User inflicts on any facility due to abuse or neglect.

  • Insurance. Prior to use of the facility, User shall secure and continuously carry with an insurance company or companies acceptable to the District a general liability insurance policy to protect against and from all loss by reason of
  • injury to the persons or damages to property. Such insurance shall include provisions that such insurance is primary insurance with respect to the interests of the School District. Minimum coverage to include: $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • with a minimum of $1,000,000 aggregate. A certificate in form satisfactory to the issuance of such insurance shall be furnished to the District upon request.
  • Indemnification. User agrees to defend, save, and hold SCSD#2 harmless from any claim, liability, damage or injury and shall indemnify SCSD#2 for any damages or costs incurred for or on account of any claim, liability, damage or
  • injury to any person or to the property of any person, arising from the Organization’s use of the School District’s property.
  • Release. To the maximum extent permitted by law, User releases, waives and discharges SCSD#2, its trustees, employees, agents, and representatives from all liability for any and all loss or damage arising out of or related to User’s
  • use of SCSD#2 property, including without limitation, loss or damage arising from the condition of SCSD#2 premises, and User agrees that SCSD#2 shall have no liability for such loss or damage resulting from User’s presence and actions.
  • User Responsibilities (Questions should be directed to Facilities Department 674-7405).

Treat all facilities with care and safety.

Do not leave children unsupervised in the facility. If multiple areas of the facility are used, supervision must be maintained in all of those areas.

Always leave facility as clean as or better than when you arrived.

Use appropriate equipment/attire specific to the area of use.

Everyone must stay in the area being utilized (no wandering the halls, classrooms, etc.).

Report any accidents or damage to the school custodian immediately.

Do not use unauthorized school equipment.

Do not allow anyone other than your immediate group in the building.

Fill out Incident report as required by the District for property damage promptly and accurately and deliver to SCSD#2.

  • Termination. SCSD#2 may terminate this agreement prior to its ending date. Failure to comply with any aspect of this policy may results in immediate termination and/or denial or future use.

Prior approval of the request by the District is necessary prior to use to the facility.



Singular Facilities Use Request Form (Updated)