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The word discipline comes from the Latin root which means to teach. PBIS is designed to teach and reinforce positive, safe behavior in the school setting. PBIS is intended to provide every student with opportunities for success by teaching school-wide expectations at the beginning of and throughout the school year. “Be Safe”, “Be Respectful”, and “Be Responsible” are expectations that create a place where students learn in a positive, safe, and secure environment. Students take responsibility for their actions at Sheridan County School District #2.

We are committed to assisting our students in the development of attitudes, skills, and systems necessary to ensure that each student leaves public education with academic and social competence appropriate to the individual, regardless of ability or disability.

Code of Respect

Respect must be a shared pursuit. This means that students will be shown respect by all staff, and students will show respect to all staff members. Respectful behavior is a matter of common sense, doing what you know is right, and treating others as you expect to be treated. Failure to show respect for teachers, administrators, staff, and fellow students is the root of behavior violations and will be treated very seriously.

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities

Students are responsible for choosing appropriate behavior and making responsible decisions that will promote a safe environment that is conducive to learning for all students. Students have the right to learn in a classroom free of distractions that interfere with their learning. No one will be allowed to take away that right from our students. Therefore, it must be understood that:

  1. Courtesy and respect will be extended to all peers and teachers;
  2. Students will act in a safe manner at all times;
  3. Students will be open-minded towards education;
  4. Language will be positive and name-calling is unacceptable; and,
  5. Tolerance for individual differences, talents, and choices will be shown.

Woodland Park PBIS Documents