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2015 Wright Place School Improvement Plan

The staff of the Wright Place is sensitive and caring to the situations of all students, and seeks to provide individualized support to meet the needs and abilities of each student.

To provide our students with the best support possible on an ongoing basis, our staff meets weekly to discuss individual student performance and determine how to adjust instruction in all academic areas. Our staff also meet as Professional Learning Communities every Friday to discuss overall school and student goals and pursue professional development.

One of our biggest initiatives at The Wright Place is the Discovery program, which defines our school culture. The Discovery program gives students boundaries and skills, as well as support to cope with whatever challenges life may present.

Learning and support is not limited to just regular school hours, however, and as such we offer before and after school programs  to fill a variety of needs, ranging from breakfast to additional academic support to simply a place to hang out and be more productive with after-school lives.

Other academic challenges have been met head on with concerted school improvement planning and implementing innovative programs like Read 180 and one-to-one computers to ensure student success.