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Student Resources – 6-8

Grades 6-8

Anatomy of a Lightning Strike

Ask for Kids: Search engine designed exclusively for ages 6-12.

Astronomy Scavenger Hunt

Become a Martian Citizen: Virtual Mars exploration.

Chemical Bonds: Writing Chemical Formulas


Colorblindness Test

Constellation Photos


Cool Cosmos – Ask an Astronomer: Astronomer videos

Cool Cosmos – What is That: Information on infrared images.

Create a DNA Fingerprint

Fact Monster: Comprehensive information source on multiple subjects.

Gene Therapy

Go Ballistic: Experiment on distance and trajectory of ballistic particles.

Human Evolution: Babies

Journey to a Black Hole: Information & activities on black holes

KidStorm: Lightning: Facts and information about lightning.

Lightning: Facts, videos and photos on lightning.

Lightning Safety: Informational and educational tool for lightning safety and injuries.

Lightning: Just for Kids: Information on lightning

Mars for Kids: Interactive games and information on Mars.

Mars Rove-In Theater: Videos on Mars Rover Curiosity.

Mars Science Laboratory: Information, videos and activities on Mars and the Curiosity Rover.

Mythology of Constellations

NASA  Extreme Planet Makeover: Make your own planet

NASA Robonaut: Information on NASA’s humanoid robot project, Robonaut.

National Geographic for Kids: Kids’ games, animal information, photos, stories and more.

Northern Hemisphere Constellations: Information and mythology on Northern Hemisphere constellations.

Pedigree Investigator: Case study on genes that influence nicotine addiction.

Prezi: Easy-to-use, cloud-based presentation software.

Sea and Sky Galleries: Space images

Sea and Sky: Constellations

SeaSky for Cosmic Wonders: Information celestial objects

Send your Name to Mars

Space Race Footage: Footage, commentary and highlights of the race to space in the 1960s and 1970s.

Star Life Cycle

Stars and Constellations

The Basics and Beyond: Information on genetics.

The Constellations and their Stars

Who’s Your Daddy: Using genetics and heredity knowledge to solve scenarios.