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SJHS 2016 School Improvement Plan

At Sheridan Junior High School (SJHS), we value growth, achievement and citizenship through a supportive environment. These values lie at the heart of everything we do and guide our fundamental purpose: to ensure that every one of our students learn.

SJHS is proud of our programming and outstanding community/parent involvement. Support for students begins at the classroom level with teachers providing individual guidance for students requiring additional help and expands to school-wide programs such as tutoring, responsibility interventions, and a variety of special education services. Fostering parent communication is always an improvement goal, and our teachers make frequent contact with parents to grow our communication and engagement.

While SJHS has been labelled as Exceeding Achievement Targets by the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act, this school has not met the 100% achievement goal (the Adequate Yearly Progress target) established by the US Department of Education.

SJHS academics are based on two foundational concepts: providing our students with the very best teaching, and doing so in an environment that supports learning and social/emotional growth.

Each year, our students score at or near the top of Wyoming’s assessments and, on average, show double the growth of the national norm group on multiple MAP assessments. Over 90% of our students earn 0-1 office referrals each year, meaning our positive learning environment lets students focus on their own growth, instead of safety and behavior problems.

Teachers at SJHS are at the top of their game, due to an incredibly strong applicant pool year after year, in addition to weekly teacher collaboration and staff development built into our schedule. SJHS was recently recognized as a Professional Learning Community model school by Solution Tree. Our staff is truly the source of our success at SJHS, fostering excellence in our school through the following commitments:

Supporting Student Learning

  • We build and maintain meaningful relationships with our students.
  • We support the positive behavior of all students.
  • We help students value their learning.
  • We provide timely, systematic interventions and enrichments.
  • We celebrate our student and staff successes.

Communicating Effectively

  • We clearly articulate high expectations for student learning.
  • We engage parents, students, and fellow educators in all aspects of a child’s education.

Maintaining a Professional Culture

  • We work collaboratively in all aspects of our profession.
  • We value our own professional learning alongside that of our students.
  • We make evidence-based decisions.
  • We implement evidence-proven best practices and change our approach when the old way isn’t working.
  • We make no excuses when students don’t learn.
  • We go to the source with problems or concerns.