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Purpose: To provide remediation, practice, and re-teaching for struggling students, trying to get their skills so they can experience success in their learning. While makeup work is okay, this is not the reason we began FEO. Students can make up work any time during the week, and should work hard to do so in order to earn FEO.

Protocol: Students with graduation coaches start with the coach each Friday for a prioritization session, and to help the student get organized. Graduation coaches can also have the student do missing assignments or make up work with them if the student does not require extra help.

  • Students should take a maximum of five minutes to move between teachers.
  • Teachers should not allow any student to leave their classroom after 3:00 pm.
  • If a student has a single “D or F,” you may post on the Friday Early Out teacher released Google Doc to excuse them provided the reason for leaving is your mistake or you didn’t have time to correct an assignment. A student who will have a “D or F,” even if they complete an assignment should remain with you until 3:35 pm, not as a punishment, but so they can practice skills, read, or work to understand what they have missed/haven’t mastered. Having them read ahead or prepare for the next week would be a good idea as well.
  • Students with multiple D’s and F’s, have been told on their sheets what classes to attend. They should attend their first class until the half way point and get their sheet filled out by their teacher. Then quickly transition to their next class and again get their sheet filled out.

Keep up the good work students. You can do it!

Friday Early Out List