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Sheridan County School District #2 > District News > Sheridan High School Event Entry Protocols

Sheridan High School Event Entry Protocols

Sheridan High School Event Entry Protocols

General Screening

  1. WHSAA Symptom banners will be located at all entrances
  1. Spectators can expect to be screened by at least one of the following:
    1. Answering written Covid-19 questions on paper tickets
    2. Answering verbal screening questions upon entrance
    3. Answering questions on paper or on QR codes upon entrance to event
  1. Masks required for entry at all events
    1. At some outdoor events with small crowds and room for social distancing, masks could be removed as long as social distancing can be maintained.  We absolutely expect however that everyone will have a mask in the case that social distancing can’t be maintained outside.
    2. As for events inside SCSD#2 facilities, masks are required at all times by all spectators.  There will be no exceptions to this protocol, and masks will not be provided.
  1. All fans will be asked to maintain social distancing from other families, groups or people while in the stands for all events, and all children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Outdoor Venues-Football, Tennis, Golf, Cross Country-Capacity of 1000 per event with following guidelines

  1. Tennis
    1. Fans are asked to sit socially distanced at the court where their child/competitor is playing 
    2. Fans are asked to make room as needed at the conclusion of the match to allow the next set of spectators to view the match
    3. Masks should be worn when social distancing measures can not be maintained
    4. Screening will occur on QR reader or written paper at two entrances
  1.  Football
    1. Home crowd will all enter with tickets for the Varsity game
    2. Screening will be done on tickets for the home crowd
    3. Visitors will check in on a list supplied by visitoring AD
    4. Due to inability to social distance with 1000 people everyone will wear masks
    5. For JV/Soph/Frosh games, tickets will not be needed, masks will be required when social distancing can not occur
    6. Pep Band will be located on the track in the NW corner of the stadium
    7. Concessions will not be offered
    8. Spectators will not be allowed down on the field during the post game
    9. All games will be streamed on the NFHS network at no charge
  1. Golf
    1. Spectators will be screened with QR code and/or Symptoms banner upon check-in
    2. Spectators much social distance on the course
  1. Cross Country
    1. Spectators will be screened with a QR code and/or verbally at entrance
    2. Spectators must have a mask, but in most cases should be able to socially distance and will be able to remove their masks
    3. Spectators are encouraged to leave after their son or daughter finishes the race
    4. Spectators are asked to not crowd at the finish line at the end of races.

Indoor Venues-Volleyball and Girls swimming and diving

  1. Volleyball (Capacity 250)
    1. Home crowd will enter and be screened with tickets
    2. Visiting crowd will be on a list provided by visiting school AD
    3. Masks are required and must be worn in all indoor facilities of SCSD#2
    4. Social distancing is encouraged
    5. Parents are encouraged to leave after their daughter finishes playing to allow room for spectators for later games
    6. Children must have a ticket and sit with their parents
    7. Volleyball teams will have a designated area behind their bench for players to sit in
    8. It is our expectation that players on the bench will wear their masks
    9. No concessions will be offered
    10. All games will be streamed on the NFHS Network at no charge
  1. Girls Swimming and Diving
    1. We have a limited seating capacity in our pool area thus we will be following strict guidelines for access
    2. QR codes and or verbal screen will occur at the door
    3. We will prioritize our families 1st
    4. If the meet is small enough to allow visiting spectators, we will allow 2 per athlete from the visiting team
    5. Visiting AD will provide a list of those who are coming
    6. If the meet has more than 2 visiting teams then only home family will be allowed to attend
    7. Sheridan will notify the visiting teams in advance of capacity for that event
    8. We will attempt to stream all events on the NFHS network free of charge
    9. Spectators are asked to socially distance and masks are required
    10. We will be streaming our swims on the NFHS Network at no charge
  1. Event staff and coaches will wear face coverings

*Protocols shall be updated to adhere to latest governors’ orders and/or local health directives