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Program Description

Students are provided educational alternatives throughout grades 3-5 that teach, challenge and expand their knowledge while simultaneously stressing the development of an independent learner who can continuously question, apply and generate information. Curriculum is developmentally appropriate with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking skills. Third Grade Seminar lessons have a cultural anthropology and global awareness theme. The content for 4th/5th Grade Seminar is Innovation for one year of the two-year cycle. The second year’s content is an interdisciplinary math unit based on the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio.

Program Rationale Statement

The program for high-ability students is designed for students whose intellectual capacity and aptitudes, academic achievement, and rate of learning demand experiences apart from the regular curriculum. It provides diverse and appropriate learning experiences and environments that incorporate the academic, psychological, and social needs of the students.

Identification Criteria

Standardized measures are used to identify students whose intellectual capacity and academic achievement require services. The top 3-5% of the population is selected for this program. Students previously in the program continue to receive services as long as their Seminar and classroom performance are satisfactory.

Selection Process

The Seminar teacher decides after students are rank ordered based on the assessment criteria used.

Appeals Process

Parents and students may contact the Seminar teacher to discuss the decision. If they wish to appeal further, they may set up a conference with others, including other teachers, counselors, and the principal.