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Sheridan County School District #2 > District Services > 8th Grade Accelerated Algebra

Program Description

Accelerated Algebra is a comprehensive Algebra I course similar to our 9th grade Algebra I. It is offered to our higher achieving 8th grade students.

Program Rationale Statement

This course offers the challenge and motivation of a faster pace in mathematics. Students who are developmentally ready for Algebra I in the 8th grade enjoy the pace and the new learning experiences the course offers.

Identification Criteria

Student placement is determined by a number of criteria. Teacher recommendation, achievement test scores, classroom scores in 7th grade extensions and an Arlin score (abstract reasoning) are all used in a predetermined rubric.

Selection Process

The selection process is made by a team made up of teachers, counselors and principal and parents if needed.

Appeals Process

Parents can appeal if their son/daughter does not get in by contacting the principal and/or Algebra teacher. We provide a fairly rigorous selection process and past history has shown that students and/or parents who appeal usually have only moderate success with the Algebra course. These students who are marginally ready would be better suited for Algebra I as a 9th grader and would have greater success with any other math courses that they take in high school.