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Schiffer Grading Scale

Dear Schiffer Families,

To support students during school closure and virtual learning, the SCSD2 Board of Trustees approved the option for students to select their grading scale for this semester. Students may choose:

  1. Standard Schiffer grading scale, with GPA calculation, or
  2. Pass/Fail grades, without GPA calculation (Pass = Meets or Exceeds Expectations)

As parents and students discuss the choice, please consider the following important factors:

  • Students should consult parents/guardians in making this choice.
  • The choice will apply to all classes. 
  • If students do not respond by April 21, they will be assigned Pass/Fail grades.
  • This option will not impact the way teachers assign grades in classes. 
  • The choice will not impact college admissions to UW or Wyoming community colleges.
  • The choice will not impact Hathaway Scholarship eligibility.
  • The spring 2020 semester will not be considered in class rank calculations for any student currently in grades 9-12.
  • Parents may override a student’s choice if they contact the counseling office by May 8.

By tomorrow, students will receive a choice form through email and will have until April 21 to respond. Parents will then have an opportunity to discuss a student’s choice with the school counselor or principal if they wish. We ask parents to help guide high school children in making the choice appropriate for them. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact the building principal or school counselor.

Thank you for supporting your child in their learning!

Mike Swan, Principal –

Melissa Mowry, Counselor –