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2015 Sagebrush School Improvement Plan

We believe every student and teacher can meet high learning expectations, and our overall goal is to ensure all students perform at and/or above proficiency levels in all academic areas.

Sagebrush’s highly-trained team of teachers and paraprofessionals is committed to our core belief that every adult must be a positive mentor who has the opportunity to make great things happen for every child on a daily basis. As part of our ongoing training and improvement efforts, all grade-level teachers and interventionists have twice-weekly Professional Learning Community (PLC) team meetings to focus on student achievement and best practice instructional methods.

At Sagebrush, we are committed to helping our students achieve more than just high academic expectations; we also seek to fulfill each student’s social, emotional and physical needs. Each of our PLC teams has their own belief statements which embrace the ideaology of building relationships with students and meeting the needs of the whole child.

Ultimately, our academic efforts are guided by the following eleven essential belief statements:

  1. Work and play together to get things done.
  2. All staff, students and parents treated with respect.
  3. Look at the whole child.
  4. Never take away someone’s hope.
  5. Focus on student needs and use teamwork to address those needs.
  6. Open and frequent communication.
  7. Teach crom the heart and bring joy to learning.
  8. Reach out and know we ar all here for the same outcome.
  9. Be the person that can laugh and cheer for the other team.
  10. If you disagree, ask for more information, seek to understand and remove obstacles to learning.
  11. All tudents can learn and od whatever it takes to ensure success.