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Sheridan County School District #2 > John C. Schiffer Collaborative School Parent/Adult Involvement

Parent/adult involvement is crucial to providing comprehensive support to our students and helping them achieve success both in and out of the classroom. We believe our staff and parents must function as a team, and as such a student’s eligibility to attend our school is dependent on the following parental commitments:

  • Parents/adults must attend a four week Adult Discovery class. These two-hour sessions are held each Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30 pm. In order to provide all parents with the same set of resources for the class, participants must pay a fee of $25 for session materials.
  • Parents/adults are expected to contribute 12 school service hours per year (6 per semester). The following committee work will be recognized as involvement hours:
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences: November and February
    • P.A.S.S. (Parents for Achievement of Student Success) Organization – Parents are expected to attend one time each quarter
    • Before school activities
    • ACT snacks
    • Graduation committee
    • Other school-related activities

The dedication and high energy of the teaching staff is the foundation of student success at JCSCS, but foundations must be built upon – in this case through strong collaboration with parents/adults.