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Resources Utilization

SCSD#2 will continue to recruit and retain quality teachers and staff. A model professional development program will be used to train and upgrade our teachers and staff. SCSD#2 will continuously monitor the financial aspects of the District.

Teaching and Learning

SCSD#2 will continuously promote student learning as the primary focus of every staff member in the school district. The Board of Trustees is committed to helping all students reach their potential both academically and in other aspects of human endeavor. This goal is at the center of the board’s philosophy, policy, and action.

Leadership Capacity

SCSD#2 will exhibit and monitor the district role in promoting academically-focused leadership in the community. The Board of Trustees believes that as a public entity, the District is responsible to the Sheridan community to model and provide governance and leadership that is consistent and coherent. Board policy needs to be congruent with administrative priorities and procedures.