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Sheridan County School District #2 > What Is A Collateral Agreement In Insurance

What Is A Collateral Agreement In Insurance

Beneficiaries need a clause granting the beneficiary an irrevocable, royalty-free license to use the documentation and drawings contained therein created by (or on behalf of) the guarantor for any purpose related to the project. Without such a license, the beneficiary has no right to use/reproduce this information. Recipients should request that the copyright license not be restricted and include a right to grant sub-licenses. Guarantors will often try to have the right to revoke the license if they are not paid in accordance with the terms of the main agreement, but this should be rejected. Warranty parties will generally attempt to limit their liability under particular ancillary agreements and some or all of the following provisions may be included. An important consideration when choosing retention levels is that any increase in the retention level can have a significant impact on the guarantee requirement. .