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Sheridan County School District #2 > Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Crabb

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Crabb

by Wrangler Roundup StaffBehind the Scenes in the Lunch Room

Mrs. Crabb is the best cook ever.  You may ask why.  Well, let me tell you.
Ever since I was in kindergarten, she always taught us about kindness and politeness. She always reminds us to say no thank you, yes please, and thank you.  What I think is amazing is that she serves around 200 kids every day.  She does it with her friend Ms. Baker, and she does it with her beautiful smile. ~ Summer S.

Mrs. Crabb is the best cook anybody could ever ask for.  Nobody in this school can say this except me: she has been my school cook since preschool.  That’s right, PRE-SCHOOL!  She makes the most delicious foods and everybody in this school should be thankful that we have the best cook ever.  She is also my neighbor.  I will never forget her.  Thank you for everything Mrs. Crabb.  I love you so much!!! ~ Jenna S.

Mrs. Crabb is the best cook ever.  I love her food! ~ Medora P.