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As part of our mission to provide every student with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for success, we host a variety of special programs to augment the learning experience and success depending on a student’s needs. For additional information about each program, click on the links below. To see a list of special programs for all grades throughout the district, see the District’s Special Programs list.

Grades 9-12

  •  9th Grade Accelerated World History is an extension of the accelerated 8th Grade American History course, allowing students with advanced verbal and social studies skills an extra opportunity to prepare for the greatest success in the AP level classes at the high school. Read more about the 9th Grade Accelerated World History program.
  • Grades 9-11 Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) continues the GATE curriculum from grades 6-8 to teach, challenge and expand students’ knowledge while simultaneously stressing the development of an independent learner who can continuously question, apply and generate information. Read more about the Grades 9-11 GATE program.