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Sharing Agreement Va

This complex joint venture, which became official in October 2011, operates as part of a 5-year ConOps. There are common agreements between VA and DoD for joint care in outpatient cardiology, orthopedics, optometry and phlebotomy, as well as common access to a mobile magnetic resonance imaging unit. RHJVAMC handles VA receptors at its JACC CBOC. Naval organizations serve DoD beneficiaries (Hite, 2011; VA/DoD, 2010). One of the lessons learned from El Paso is that open communication and information exchange are of the utmost importance for the success of a joint venture and that trust and cooperation are key elements of cooperation. There must be strong and engaged leadership and a strong governance structure, including interim management, subcommittees and working groups, that are sufficient to address important issues together. Members of the DoD/VA team (in collaboration with management when needed) should work together in brainstorming to solve the most important issues and work creatively on plans and documentation. This type of communication implies that it specifically addresses situations that arise in order to promote more targeted discussions and practical solutions and to create a paper channel. In this way, employees of both organizations will understand each other better and identify with the positive community efforts they are making. Staff should also gather as much as possible to strengthen their community identification. Unions should be involved in discussions early and as often as possible (Perdue and Ancker, 2007, 2011; VA/DoD, 2006; Wirtemburg and Ancker, 2008).

B. The terms of the revenue base, the tax or agreement to share economic growth covered by point A are established by the localities concerned and approved by the governing body of each locality participating in the agreement, provided that the governing body of each of these localities first holds a public hearing, which is the subject of a tender once a week for two consecutive weeks in a general circulation newspaper in the locality. However, the public consultation will not take place until after the Local Government Commission has delivered its findings in accordance with Subsection D. For the purposes of this section, “revenue, tax bases and economic growth sharing agreements” are any agreement approved under Subsection A, which requires each place to pay all or part of the taxes or other revenues collected by this policy subdivision, but does not contain an interlocal service agreement. The first joint venture officially designated by the Department of Defense (DoD) /Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was established in 1987 between the 377th Medical Group (377th MDG) of the Air Force Auf der Kirtland Air Force (Kirtland AFB) and the New Mexico Veterans Veterans Health Care System (NMVAHCS) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kirtland AFB Hospital and Albuquerque VA Medical Center (VAMC), three miles apart, have shared several services since at least the 1970s, such as free laboratory tests by the VA for DoD patients at the beginning of this decade. In order to achieve efficiency and cost savings, DoD and VA officials in Albuquerque considered increasing their common services, concluded and supported agreements. The first formal sharing agreement was signed in March 1976. Under the agreement, VA provided medical services and laboratory testing on the basis of reimbursement. In the 1980s, the Air Force faced a $26 million renovation of its hospital, while the VA was considering the construction of a new VAMC Albuquerque.

Instead of renovating the Air Force Hospital, the VA has agreed to host a 40-bed stationary medical and surgical unit for the 377th MDG to customize and manage the new VA facility, which opened in 1987.