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Program Description

The Learning Lab at SJHS provides support for students in both reading and math. We use the READ180 Program for students who qualify in reading, as well as Stephanie Harvey’s reading strategies. For math we use the Compass Learning Program and iPad Apps.

Program Rationale Statement

For Reading, the READ180 Program is an intensive reading program designed to meet the needs of adolescent students whose reading achievement is below the proficient level. The program directly addresses individual needs through adaptive and instructional software, high interest literature, and direct instruction in reading and writing skills. The primary purpose of the instruction is to provide strategies to improve students’ reading fluency and comprehension, increase vocabulary, and to apply study skills and test-taking strategies to demonstrate understanding.

For Math students, Compass Learning provides an individualized math program which allows each student to work at his or her own pace and level. This program encourages students to succeed in achieving academic standards in math. iPads are used for basic math facts and other essential understandings.

Identification Criteria

Students are qualified for the SJHS Learning Center using a variety of criteria. We use results from PAWS, MAP, STAR, the Stanford Diagnostic Reading/Math Tests, SRI, and standards assessments. We use the 40th percentile and below on standardized tests.

Selection Process

Test results are reviewed by the Learning Lab teachers, school counselors, and Administration.

Appeals Process

If a parent requests a child to be entered into the SJHS Learning Lab, test results are reviewed again, and classroom teachers provide information on classroom grades and standards. Standard error of measurement is taken into consideration while reviewing standardized test scores. If students don’t meet qualification criteria, other options within the school are suggested.