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Service Level Agreement Federal Government

Ensure that future service level agreements with third parties are in line with Canadian government guidelines. Make sure that external reporting obligations are concluded as stated in each service level agreement. Not only within Canada, but many government agencies around the world have signed several service level agreements in the hope of improving the work of the various departments. As noted above, ensuring that the right parameters are available may mean more efficient use of the services provided by the SLAs. The Canadian government has taken these steps towards a more effective government that ultimately also benefits its citizens. Key practices, if properly implemented, can help agencies ensure that services are delivered effectively, efficiently and safely. Under the leadership of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the guidelines given to agencies in February 2012 included seven of the ten key practices described in a report that could help agencies ensure the effectiveness of their cloud service contracts. Service Level Agreements (ALS) are formal agreements between two or more parties, since they relate to a particular service. These documents contain guidelines for both the supplier and the consumer for the duration of a given contract. A subsidiary of the Canadian government, Shared Services Canada (SSC), was established in 2011 to adjust certain parameters around ALS within the Canadian government to ensure its effectiveness. The KPIs for the service level agreement ensure that the service meets the government`s expectations and promotes continuous service improvement. TRA has entered into a first-class Master Services Agreement (MSA) with you and Etisalat to provide FedNet services.

The MSA is a 5-year term and includes 13 schedules including the change delivery and management process, governance and escalation costs, the service catalogue, competitive advertising, clear service level agreements (ASS) and staff conditions, all under favourable governance conditions.