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Samsung Loan Agreement Number

3.3 Participation in the upgrade program means that you can enter into a credit agreement with our chosen credit provider to finance the cost of the new Galaxy S10 handset. There may be fees and interest. You pay a first deposit, followed by fixed monthly payments spread over a period of 24 months. Please note that to qualify for this option, you can only purchase one Galaxy S10 handset – the provision of funds under the upgrade program is not available for other products in your cart, such as accessories or products from other categories (for example. B TV). All other products must be paid for in full as part of a separate transaction. Additional services such as Samsung Care+, Trade-In and SIM rates (if you do so at that time) can be selected/participated in combination with the upgrade program. Please note that Samsung assumes no responsibility for the personal information you leave on your device when you return it to Samsung as upgrade return 2.2 How to contact us. You can contact us by calling our after-sales service team on 0330 SAMSHOP (726 7467) or by writing to us at 6.3 If you exercise your right to cancel and return your product during the 28-day reflection period or if we have agreed to pay you a refund of your deposit because the product we have provided to you, is defective, We will terminate your credit agreement with Klarna Bank AB on your behalf. Please contact us at the following email address or 0330 SAMSHOP (726 7467) so that we can carry out this process.