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My Netball User Agreement

78 Minimum and maximum total votes you can assign for this match. Number of voters separated for this game – each voter between a distinct set of votes compared to the rules above. Your username is pre-filled in the “After “Voice” text box. Depending on your level of access, you may be able to change that. For example, an admin user who types votes on behalf of another person must change the name here. Enter the votes according to the rules above against each respective player. Empty all other text fields where you don`t assign votes to a player. Enter match verification This screen captures compliance verification. Match ratings are limited to characters (including the html marker) for each match. Each page sharing a game can give its own assessment. The following process is the same whether you are a club or a club. Clubs and clubs complete it in participation mode. Clubs and clubs can participate in the game review.

Clubs do not have the option to choose between management or participation, they will only participate. PATH: Participating teams Enter the game evaluation. 78 67 Game Information. Synthetic information such as notes, rounds, dates, teams and points (if entered). Driver Points A. Refers to points that currently contribute to calculated scales and appear on the public game score. Scale points B. Refers to points that, after the next recalculation of the scale, contribute to the calculated public scale/dashboard. Points A and B should only be different if, since the last recalculation of the scale, the final scores (not progress) or the scale changes have been entered. The points mentioned here contained only “comprehensive” head adjustments, that is, adjustments that apply to all drivers in this class.

If more than one scale has been defined and an adaptation is made using only one scale, the points mentioned here do not reflect that. If a change in the overall scale is entered, it is displayed with LA. Access the screen for Scale Settings to view the setting. Status. Color-coded compliance status corresponding to the above character codes. Shares. Link opens a dialog box with other compliance information and actions that can be performed for that compliance: Enter the match results. The results can be changed even if the match was previously “locked.” The game is locked (officially) after a result has been entered. Change the state of concordance.

The status of a game can be reset to `IN PROGRESS`, in which case competing teams can be updated, or a game can be blocked (officially). Enter the Scale Adjustment – Opens the screen Scale settings where scale settings can be entered for automatically calculated scales. View match audit. Opens the “Match-Audit” screen that lists recorded compliance actions (for example. B partitions entered by the user, etc.). Show the match. Open the public dashboard. Select the team – Select one of the participating teams. Enter Player Score Select player ratings for both participating teams (not for all sports).

If the note has set the option “Lock the player`s points” in the partition settings, it also prevents a player from entering the game. 67 My – Business User Guide Contents Page 1 Content Welcome to your ` Business user guide. It`s easy to use. Move the mouse to the page to access the desired section. Click on the links above It is important that everyone with access to MyNetball has their own individual login. For this reason, Netball Victoria does not limit the number of users for each association/league or association. TriCore Secure Web Email Gateway User Guide This document contains information about TriCore Secure`s Web email gateway. This document is intended for users who have the right to send and receive the content of the email 2 content… Error! Unrefined signet.