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As part of our mission to provide every student with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for success, we host a variety of special programs to augment the learning experience and success depending on a student’s needs. For additional information about each program, click on the links below. To see a list of special programs for all grades throughout the district, see the District’s Special Programs list.

Grades K-5

  • Math Recovery provides early, short-term intervention to increase students’ mathematical knowledge through individualized, daily instruction to promote strong, positive attitudes about mathematics. Read more about the Math Recovery program.
  • Reading Recovery is a highly effective short-term one-to-one tutoring program for 1st grade students with difficulty learning to read and write. Read more about the Reading Recovery program.
  • Seminar provides educational opportunities for students in grades 3-5 that teach, challenge and expand their knowledge while simultaneously stressing the development of an independent learner who can continuously question, apply and generate information. Read more about the Seminar program.