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Formal Peace Agreement

Committed to ensuring the sustainable peace, stability, security and prosperity of their states and to developing and strengthening their dynamic and innovative economies; The terms “global agreements” and “framework agreements” are often used interchangeably. However, there is a slight difference between the two types of agreements: the second type of organizational/institutional component aims to resolve the following/future conflicts on substantive issues such as the abuse of state force on human rights and the promotion of transparency and accountability in governance. These mechanisms, often referred to as “peace-building mechanisms” at the United Nations, help promote the culture of peaceful conflict resolution in a society and public confidence in the state`s ability to systematically and impartially resolve future problems. There are many possible issues that can be included in a peace treaty, such as.B. the following: In many cases, when political or economic resources are scarce, political entrepreneurs will activate latent cultural or religious identities to build power bases capable of acquiring and controlling these resources. Unfortunately, these cultural roots are often used to commit atrocious crimes during a war; Crimes that only help to anchor and immortalize these identities. Whether these identities are real or perceived, they are valued in intense and long-term conflicts. One of the most difficult tasks in structuring peace agreements is therefore to enable reconciliation in order to build trust and restore “normal” relations between the warring factions. Peace agreements are treaties that aim to end a violent conflict or significantly modify a conflict so that it can be dealt with in a more constructive manner.

There are different types of agreements that can be reached during a peace process. Each type of agreement has its own purpose and serves in itself to give a positive impetus to a final settlement. However, these agreements are not easy to distinguish, as content can sometimes overlap. Not all types of agreements are necessary for each conflict. Some processes can lead to progressive agreements leading to a comprehensive settlement. Other peace processes could try to negotiate an agreement in a comprehensive way. One of the roles of the United Nations in peace processes is to hold post-conflict elections, but they are generally thought to have no or no negative impact on peace after civil war. [7] [9] in the Begon, with caution, in accordance with the treaty, to establish peace, diplomatic and friendly relations, cooperation and the complete normalization of relations between them and their peoples, and to chart together a new path to exploit the immense potential of their countries and the region; Implementation agreements specify the details of a comprehensive agreement or framework agreement. An implementation agreement almost always requires a new round of negotiations with the parties involved.

These negotiations refine and define framework agreements or comprehensive agreements in practice. The aim of the implementation agreements is to develop the modalities and mechanics in order to facilitate the implementation of the comprehensive agreement. The terms of application are not always written formal documents.