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Cohabitation Agreement With Your Partner

If you have children, either in common or with a former partner, the concubine agreement should also take this into account. If you bought something with your own money, it belongs to youYES/NO For example, partner A moves into partner B`s property (partner B whose name appears on the documents is the sole owner), they live together and can have children. If they separate, whether after 5, 10 or even 30 years, partner A is not entitled to the personal interview of partner B, even if she has always received financial support. A concubine agreement allows you to clarify the legal right of each partner so that you do not feel unfairly treated when you separate. Keep things simple. It`s tempting to try to deal with any future change, but it`s almost impossible. The division of ownership after a divorce is one thing, but the division of ownership after a separation is another. All states have laws that deal with how a married couple should divide their property after a divorce, but unmarried couples don`t have those kinds of laws they can use. Instead, couples who live outside of marriage must either come to an agreement themselves or face property disputes in court. If you wish, your concubine agreement can set out other rules.

For example, you might agree to own anything in the same way, regardless of who pays for it, or you might agree to treat certain designated assets differently.