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Cathay Pacific Interline Agreements

Cathay Pacific currently has codeshare agreements with a number of other international airlines. This includes the next question from Ever, with which airlines does Cathay Pacific have interline baggage agreements? Check out the details below. This is a very fundamental level of cooperation, there are airlines that have interline agreements that are not partners otherwise. ExpertFlyer shows the airlines that have Interline agreements, here are the airlines with which American has an interline agreement: if you are wondering what an Interline agreement is, it means that Cathay Pacific can mark the luggage and transfer it to another airline so that you can avoid a new check. There are now so many different types of agreements in the aviation sector. While the exact terms vary with each partnership, I think the simplest way to summarize it is that an interline agreement is like a friendship, a codeshare agreement is like an engagement, a joint venture is like a wedding, and an alliance is like a big family to do with any kind of thing. 1 Unilateral agreements, with the right to sell only for S7 Airlines flights. @Hung Nguyen: Just a word of caution. Although QR has an interline agreement with the UN, most of these agreements only apply if you are travelling with a ticket, but not with separate tickets. There may be exceptions, but I don`t expect to check luggage for separate tickets. In this context, I often get questions from readers who ask to explain the difference between these different chords, so I thought it would be fun to do so in this post.

Before I do so, I would like to add two disclaimers: the Interline partners of S7 Airlines are listed below. The conclusion of codeshare agreements allows us to offer you better connections anywhere in the world and more flexibility in planning your trip. Cathay Pacific currently has codeshare agreements with a number of other international airlines and with the French National Railway Company (SNFC) on certain rail routes from Paris. While this gives the biggest types of agreements, it seems that they have been much emphasized lately. Thanks to these partnerships, you can travel to New York, Singapore, Hanoi, London, Zurich, Geneva, Madrid or any other destination. One part of the line is operated by S7 and the other part by a partner airline. A ticket for the entire trip can be purchased at any S7 sales office or on the S7 Airlines website. In general, these flights are cheaper than the purchase of two separate tickets for a particular trip because of the special fares between airlines.

Does Aer Lingus have an Interline agreement with United to transport the luggage to the final destination? As a general rule, even U.S. airlines that do not have a partnership with each other have an interconnection agreement. A few years ago Delta decided to disable an interline agreement with American, I think because they found that American more passengers on them during irregular operations than vice versa.