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Sheridan County School District #2 > Capex Facility Agreement

Capex Facility Agreement

Unless the agreement of all lenders is required in a senior financing document, an amendment or exemption relating only to the rights or obligations of lenders of the revolving facility is not effective without the agreement of the lenders of the majority financing facility and does not require the agreement of a lender of Facility A, a lender of the B facility C Lender facility or Capex Facility Lender. Newco, by providing no less than 5 working days of the bank, can terminate all or part of the unused part of the Capex device (although in part, in a minimum amount of 500,000 pounds and a full multiple of 100,000 pounds). The “Asset Coensance Capital” instrument, the asset co venture capital mechanism and the co-working capital trading mechanism are together the Working Capital Facilities. Capex Facility loans can only be paid voluntarily in advance after the last day of the Capex availability period (or, if it is earlier, the date on which the facility available for the Capex facility is nil). Asset Co RCF Borrower Uses Asset Co (Vessels) Operating Capital Facility Proceed proceeds for general purposes of Vessels` business23 Asset Co RCF`s borrower uses the proceeds of the Co Capex asset facility to pay for the approved investment costs, unless there are sufficient funds on the Jamalco collection account or the Capex reserve account to pay for the approved investment costs.