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2018-2019 Back-to-School Supply Lists

Happy Summer! Please click here to view the back-to-school supply lists for each school. Enjoy the warm weather!

IMPORTANT: Late Start Tomorrow (Monday, February 19th)

Sheridan County School District #2 will have a 2-hour late start tomorrow, Monday, February 19th. Buses will also be running…  
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Henry A. Coffeen Elementary School

Our mission is to value, support, and empower students to achieve high levels of learning and leadership.

Adequate Yearly Progress

While Henry A. Coffeen has been labelled as Exceeding Achievement Targets by the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act, this school…  
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Orchestra at Story Elementary

The students at Story Elementary School have the unique opportunity to learn how to play the violin, in an after school program. Once a week, the 1st-5th grade students meet to learn new techniques on the violin. The students in the class vary by grade and ability level and the class size ranges from 3-12.

Story School Students are Skating into Good Books!

Reading at home is an important habit for children to have, and studies have shown that students who read independently do better on tests and have both a stronger vocabulary and core knowledge base. Reading is also habit forming; the more a person reads, the more they want to read.

Story Kid’s Cooking Club

To meet the needs of the Story Students and families, Story School offers an after-school program four days a week called “Kid’s Club”. This extra time in school not only gives the students a chance to finish their homework with assistance, but also provides extra remediation and enrichment opportunities for the kids.

Literacy Training Promotes Student Engagement, Builds Stamina

The primary teachers from Henry A. Coffeen recently attended a conference focusing on literacy. The training focused on how to incorporate authentic reading and writing choices into a literacy block that produces students who are highly engaged and who love learning!

Coffeen 2nd Graders Combine Writing and Science In Dinosaur Study

For the first District Writing Assessment of the year, Henry A. Coffeen’s second grade students focused on how to write an opinion paragraph supported with facts. In an effort to integrate science, students studied information about dinosaurs, specifically, Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the Velociraptor. Students chose the dinosaur they thought was the most interesting to be the subject of their opinion paragraph.

Thanking It Forward

It’s the season of giving thanks at Story School, and we are celebrating a season of thankfulness with “Thank It Forward” certificates. Not only are we letting our friends at school know that we are thankful for them, but we are also sharing certificates of thankfulness with family and friends in our community.