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Audience:  Primary teachers/Reading Recovery/Specialists

Presenter(s):  Judy Dougherty

Length: 80 minutes

Level: Primary Conceptual

Session Description:

Check, MSV, SC, What does it all mean? This session will demonstrate how to develop and implement a day-to-day plan based upon evidence from running records. Participants will analyze running records in order to provide appropriate praise, prompts, and teaching points.Through analysis of data, participants will discuss appropriate text selection with a focus on text complexity, variety of genre, and formats.

Speaker Bio:

Judy Dougherty is currently the Reading Recovery Teacher Leader at SCSD2 where she works daily with teachers and at-risk first graders.  She has experience teaching primary grades and was a Reading Recovery teacher for 10 years.  Judy received her Master’s degree from the University of Wyoming and Reading Recovery Teacher Leader certification from the University of Arkansas Little Rock.