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Audience:  3rd – 5th Grade Teachers/Specialists

Presenter(s): Stephanie Harvey

Length: 80 minutes

Level: Intermediate Conceptual

Session Description:

The real world is rich, fascinating and compelling and nonfiction offers an engaging way in. The graphs, charts, illustrations, photos etc. combine to make it highly visual as well as text based.  You don’t have to read the text to get information in nonfiction.  But reading always helps!  Nonfiction readers need to merge their thinking with the text and visual information to learn, understand and remember it.  When readers and viewers merge their thinking with the information, they can turn that information into knowledge and actively use it.  Most importantly, engaging kids in transfomative nonfiction topics often leads them to care and take action.

Speaker Bios:

Ms. Harvey is a former elementary and special education teacher, author, and a passionate advocate for thoughtful literacy practice emphasizing deep comprehension strategies as expected in CCSS.