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Audience: 2nd – 5th Grade Teachers

Presenter(s): Mandy Roseberry, Meagan Dow, Addrienne Sims

Length: 80 minutes

Level: Primary and Intermediate Procedural

Session Description:

Feeling like your math instruction just needs a boost?  Or maybe you have access to technology, but aren’t sure how it could fit with current math instruction?  Jump into this hands-on exploration of mathematical applications, led by the young tech experts themselves (KIDS…yes, the students!).  Walk away from this session with a tool kit of resources focusing on instruction, application, and student practice for meeting the various needs of your mathematicians.

Speaker Bio:

Mandy Roseberry is a fourth grade teacher at Henry A. Coffeen Elementary in Sheridan County School District #2, with degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education. She has taught for eight years, working in third grade, fourth grade, and with third through sixth grade learners with diverse needs, as well as in varying coaching positions, mentoring student leadership teams, and developing summer literacy programs. Each experience renews Mandy’s commitment to reaching and motivating students at higher levels.

Meagan Dow has been teaching second grade at Highland Park Elementary School in a 1:1 classroom for five years. During this time she has also acted as a part time technology facilitator. She holds a Master of Elementary Reading and Mathematics from Walden University.

Addrienne Sims has taught third grade in Sheridan District #2 at Meadowlark Elementary for the past seven years. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wyoming and attained a Master’s Degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy from Walden University.