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Audience: 3rd – 5th Grade Teachers

Presenter(s): Darcie Achord

Length: 80 minutes

Level: Intermediate Conceptual

Session Description:

Are you ready to make the shift to the Smarter Balanced Assessment? This course is designed to increase the rigor of math tasks and prepare learners for the new demands of state tests. Teachers will learn to create higher-level problem solving tasks that engage students on a deeper level. Instead of just producing the solution, the Smarter Balanced Assessment expects learners to justify their thinking, which means the way we teach math must go beyond answering problems. This course is suitable for upper-elementary teachers who want easy ways to implement higher-level tasks into their existing math curriculum.

Speaker Bio:

Darcie has spent all of her 8 teaching years at Sagebrush, with 6 being  in 5th grade. With all its unique odors and attitude, she has a passion for educating 5th graders. She holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education from the University of Wyoming.