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Audience: K – 2nd Grade Teachers

Presenter(s): Jessica Sparks and Jennifer McIntire

Length: 80 minutes

Level: Primary Conceptual

Session Description:

How do you integrate the Common Core Standards and assessment data to
design effective Interactive Writing lessons without torturing
yourself? This session will begin with a brief overview of how to
structure the interactive writing process. One goal will be to
explore interactive writing as a teacher-guided group activity
designed to promote a variety of writing skills. Another goal will be
how interactive writing provides a foundation for the connection of
mini-lessons, shared reading, independent writing, and the reciprocity
of reading and writing. Theory will be connected to practice as
resources and videos are shared.

Speaker Bios:

Jessica Sparks has been a teacher in Sheridan for four years. Her first year was a literacy tutor for K-6. She is currently teaching first grade where she has stayed the past three years. She absolutely loves first graders because of their eagerness to learn and the joy they bring to each day.

Jennifer McIntire has been teaching for 4 years. After finishing her masters degree, she began her Reading Recovery Training. Currently she splits her day teaching Reading Recovery and Title 1.