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Audience: Primary Teachers/Specialists

Presenter(s): Nicole Rice, Molly Mason and Martha Eberhart

Length: 80 minutes

Level: Primary Conceptual

Session Description:

Albert Einstein stated, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your BALANCE you must keep moving.” Teaching is an educator’s life and truly is like riding a bicycle. Today’s educators must continually move toward making instructional decisions that will enhance teaching and learning. This session will illustrate the integration of Balanced Literacy (LA-CCSS) in primary classrooms. It will demonstrate how to connect all of the moving parts of literacy in a coherent manner (like a well-oiled machine). Participants will learn through the sharing of resources, technology, and videos how one PLC team teaches balanced units throughout the school year. So, put on your bike helmet and ride down a Balanced Literacy path to keep you successfully moving forward!

Speaker Bios:

Martha Eberhart, in her yellow jersey, has been leading the educational “peloton” for 39 years. Her experiences include Reading Specialist, Fourth grade, First Grade, Reading Recovery, and Literacy Coach. With their Masters in Reading and Literacy, Molly Mason and Nicole Rice have spent 35 combined years “gearing up” First Graders to “pedal” down their educational path. For the past 8 years, Martha, Molly, and Nicole have been a strong “pack” of collaborators in a highly effective PLC.