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Access Agreements Higher Education

Details of violations prior to the access agreements dealt with by ofFA and definitions of “major” and “minor” offences are available on the archived version of of of OFFA`s website. Higher education providers wishing to collect more than a certain level of tuition fees had to have “access agreements” approved by the OFFA indicating how the provider intended to maintain or improve student access, success and progression among people from disadvantaged and under-represented groups. OFFA oversaw the implementation of these agreements and took action in the event of a breach of agreements. The plan must be approved by the Student Office in accordance with the Higher Education and Research Act 2017. From 2020, access and participation plans will be reviewed every three to five years and universities will be required to provide the regulator with information on progress towards the goals. Oxford University`s Access and Participation Plan provides details on current access objectives, other measures of access, success and progression, as well as financial and other support for students. In August 2019, Oxford University was informed that its access and participation plan for 2020-21 had been approved by the Office for Students for a period of five years. The University of Manchester is determined to be an open and accessible university, proactively seeking students capable of benefiting from higher education. Prior to the creation of the Student Office, the access system to higher education was under the jurisdiction of the Fair Access Office (FFO).

Do not comply with the provisions of the supplier`s access agreements. Access and participation plans explain how higher education providers will improve equal opportunities for under-represented groups to access higher education, succeed and progress. Please note that the procedure used to reach these decisions, including mitigating factors and sanctions imposed, reflects the current political position of of the OFFA and the transitional provisions in the regulatory framework. They should not be seen as the approach that the SFO can take as part of its new enforcement powers for registered higher education providers. On the basis of the evidence provided, the Director of Fair Access and Participation (hereafter the Director) found that the university had seriously violated its access agreement for three consecutive years of gross negligence and had done nothing to prevent further offences and/or that it had found and remedied previous offences after suggesting it. The fee is higher than the amount allowed by the university`s access contract. Students are subject to the most recent access and participation plan or access agreement in force at the time of their studies. This agreement will cover it throughout its studies, even if the university introduces new access and participation plans in the following years. We have a database of all access agreements of all providers.

Previous agreements, approved by the Fair Access Office (OFFA), are archived on the Student Office (OfS) website. Universities and higher education institutions that collect tuition fees must establish an annual access and participation plan. Currently, no minor violations of access agreements are reported. Writtle University College informed the Student Office in May 2018 of non-compliance with the provisions of its access agreements for the period 2012-13 to 2017-18. Our last four access documents can be downloaded below. Past agreements can be found on the Office`s student website. Any institution wishing to calculate more than the base rate must submit an access and participation plan to the Office for Students (OfS).