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Sheridan County School District #2 > District Academics > District Grant Descriptions

Sheridan County School District #2 has a number of grant programs operating at any one time. For the most part, they can be categorized as either “allocated” or “competitive.”

Allocated grants are those the district receives based on the number and composition of students served. Even though allocated grants are received based upon student population, they also have a variety of application and implementation requirements. Allocated grants include both federal funds and state programs. Examples include: Title I, Title II, Instructional Facilitators, and Bridges.

Competitive grants, as the name implies, are optional funds based on the merits of written proposals, decided by judging. Competitive grants include federal funds, state funds, and local foundations. Examples include: 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Wyoming Trust Fund Grant, and Scott Foundation grants.

Title I-A

Compensatory Education Instructional Support Services emphasizing Basic Skill Acquisition

Title I-D

Neglected and Delinquent Educational Support, including Credit Recovery

Title II-A

Improving Teacher Quality (Highly-Qualified Teachers; Professional Learning Communities; Common Core State Standards)

Title III

English Language Acquisition (English Language Learners (ELL); Immigrant Education)

Title VI-B

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B-611

Perkins IV

Career and Technical Education


Funds to provide intervention and remediation programs to students beyond required student-teach contact hours, including summer school and extended day programs

Instructional Facilitator

Provides state funds for salaries and benefits for Wyoming Instructional Facilitators