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Sheridan County School District #2 > Ft. Mackenzie High School

Ft. Mackenzie High School is SCSD#2’s high-school-level alternative educational program, and exists to provide educational opportunities for students who have not met success in the traditional school setting. There are many reasons why a student may not meet success in the traditional setting, and as such we seek to meet the individual needs of every student and incorporate a culture that makes intellectual learning and character development of equal importance.

Students at Ft. Mackenzie master the same academic standards as their peers at Sheridan High School; however, our non-traditional focus allows students to work toward mastery using a variety of learning strategies focused on individual learning styles, varied assessments and a flexible pace. Through a supportive, individually-focused academic programs and strong parental involvement, our students achieve excellent academic success.

Ultimately, our team at Ft. Mackenzie is here to educate each individual based on needs and abilities, and by doing so to help our students meet high standards and academic excellence.

After School Program Online Registration- New Class Available!!

Your student can now follow their teacher into the amazing world of Minecraft in this new class called Minecraft EDU! The students will be working as a team to complete challenges in new and different worlds that are not available on the regular game. We will also have Homework Help available.  Please click here to register your student today!