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Forever Friends

A student took a basket in the school library and stuck this note on it: “Write down a nice thing about someone and put it in.”  It filled up really quickly!  Here are the notes received  in the “Forever Friends” basket through Valentine’s Day 2015.

  1. Jocelyn is a good friend when she sticks up for me. ~ Ashlyn
  2. Seth is the best friend I have ever had! ~ Braeden
  3. Hailey puts me up when I’m feeling down … and she can do the splits! ~ Anonymous
  4. Ellen is very silly and she is an awesome friend to everyone. ~ Anonymous
  5. Hailey is so nice! ~ Erin
  6. Layla is so nice and not mean and she is beautiful!  ~Anonymous
  7. I like everyone!  ~Anonymous
  8. Sophia, you are so nice, we should be friends forever! ~Mercedez
  9. Angiy is nice and friendly. ~Kiran
  10. Hailey is so friendly and nice. ~Paige
  11. Anika S. is a great friend. ~Lily
  12. Paisley is nice and she is a very good friend.  She is very pretty too.  I like her as my friend. ~Anonymous
  13. Ava is always a happy and joyful person.  ~Macee
  14. Medora is so sweet! ~Anonymous
  15. Mia is so kind and nice.  ~Anonymous
  16. Paige is always happy. ~Anonymous
  17. Carlee always likes to have fun and be happy!  ~Grace
  18. Mia is a generous person, she is always fun to hang out with. ~Paige
  19. Medora is AWESOME and so is Laurin, Kate and Summer. ~Isabelle
  20. Sidney is the kindest friend I know.  When I’m sad, she cheers me up.  ~Paige
  21. Mason is nice, kind and friendly.  ~Anonymous
  22. Annie is a wise warrior, noble and amazing person.  She is colorful!  ~Paige
  23. Mallie is a good friend.  ~Anonymous
  24. Lily and Kiley are very nice.  ~Kailey
  25. Mrs. Largent is a nice person and a great teacher.  ~Anonymous
  26. Sidney is very kind.  ~Anonymous
  27. Elizabeth is good at making me laugh.  ~Anonymous
  28. Erin is nice and cool.  ~Anonymous
  29. Colt B. is kind, friendly and a good friend.  ~Anonymous
  30. Erin A. is a nice person and a great friend.  ~Anonymous
  31. Kate is nice.  ~Ava
  32. Mrs. Stewart is the best teacher in the world.  ~Anonymous
  33. Mrs. Stewart is a good Librarian.  ~Kiaya
  34. Lily and Kailey are super nice and great friends.  ~Kiley
  35. Justine is a very nice person.  ~Anonymous
  36. Mrs. Largent is awesome. ~Layla
  37. Mrs. Stewart is the best Librarian. ~Jocelyn
  38. Cloey is very nice, kind and beautiful.  ~Anonymous
  39. Mr. Muth is awesome!  ~Jocelyn
  40. Amy and Olivia are kind and nice.  ~Anonymous
  41. Grace and Carlee are the best.  Ava is the coolest.  ~Reese
  42. Ellen B. is a fun, silly person.  She is kind.  ~Anonymous
  43. Katie is the most awesome person ever.  ~Anonymous
  44. Aryanna is so nice.  ~Sera
  45. Paige is nice and tries to keep people in the groups.  ~Anonymous
  46. Summer, Katie, Medora and Laurin are awesome!  ~Anonymous
  47. Paige is super nice and cute. ~Mia
  48. Kaylee is so nice.  She is so pretty and she has so many cute stuffed animals.  ~Anonymous
  49. I like Sera’s hair.  ~Anonymous
  50. I like Mrs. Miller.  She is so sweet to everyone and is kind.  She is never mean or grouchy.  ~Anonymous
  51. Mrs. Stewart is the best librarian ever.  ~Anonymous
  52. Annie is so nice and she is always there for me.  ~Sydney
  53. Paisley is a nice person, and cool.  ~Anonymous
  54. Annie is the nicest person and friend I’ve ever known.  ~Anonymous
  55. You are stunning!  ~Anonymous