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Sheridan County School District #2 > Book Review: Pondering on the Imponderables

Book Review: Pondering on the Imponderables

by Jenna S., Wrangler Roundup Staff

I checked out a book at the library called Imponderables. It is a book of questions that you wouldn’t hear every day like, why are buses red? Or maybe even why is a cup called a cup?! Here are some of the interesting questions I found that I thought our Woodland Park Wranglers would like!

Imponderables Pic 1Why do your eyes hurt when you are tired?
Your eyes contain three sets of muscle groups. When you are sitting down and focusing on the television or a magazine, those muscles relax causing the lens of your eye to change form and shift focus.

Why do roosters crow in the morning?
Roosters understand humans and know that we need to be awakened. They do not crow when they are alone because they know that there is no one to be awakened.

How do they keep soda in soda machines from freezing in the winter time and becoming hot in the summer?
The owners of the soda machine companies actually put an antifreeze chemical inside of the machine during the cold season of winter. Sometimes if it is hot outside (summertime) they put an extra little fridge in there to keep it cool!

Why is “$” the symbol for the U.S. dollar?Imponderables Pic 2
Since it is for the U.S. dollar, the money sign is a fancy version of the “S” in “U.S.”.

Why are there dents on the top of cowboy hats?
There are dents in the top of cowboy hats because back in the day, a man accidentally dented his hat somehow and was not in the mood to fix it. Once everyone saw how fashionable it was, it became a fad and store sellers started making them that way.

Why are traffic signals red, yellow and green? Why is the red on top, yellow in the middle and green on bottom?

The stop light is red because that is the color used to warn people about trains coming and to pull their vehicle to a halt before they got hit. Red is a signal of stopping.

Imponderables Pic 3The green light also came from train traffic. When the train was not near the light was green so people could go. These colors were randomly picked.

They picked yellow for the slow color because color blind people could see yellow and know how fast to be going.

So now, let’s get to why the lights are in the order that they are in. The lights are in the order, red, yellow, green because of the speed the lights mean. Red is no speed, yellow is very little speed, and green is top speed.

Why do teddy bears frown?
Teddy bears frown because they were designed to be realistic. Real bears don’t frown do they?!? At least, I have never heard of a smiling bear!

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